Solutions By Area - Flooring Considerations in Auto Dealerships

Epoxy, Urethane, Commercial Flooring, Auto Dealerships

What features should be considered when selecting the right flooring system for your Auto Dealership office, cafeteria and restroom space? Find out our system recommendations by reading more. ...

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A Product Life Cycle and Cost Analysis

Epoxy, Commercial Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Water/Wastewater, Building Management, Chemical, Auto Dealerships, Hospitality, Education, Distribution/Logistics, Sports/Entertainment, Technology, Food and Beverage, Electronics Manufacturing

How can you avoid rising materials and maintenance costs incurred by having an improper floor selection in your facility? Too often, flooring projects are budgeted as inexpensively as possible on the short-term and end up costing more in the long-term. The design of the project is, at times, put ahead of functionality. This is a process that consistently results in higher lifetime facility costs. ...

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Heavy Equipment Calls For Heavy Duty Flooring Solutions

Urethane, Commercial Flooring, Sports/Entertainment

Some statistics put the number of indoor ice rinks in Canada at more than 3,000 – and as many Canadians know, where there are ice rinks, there are Zambonis! These masterful machines resurface the ice and restore a smooth and glossy finish, but while they are repairing the ice, they can wreak havoc on ice rink facility floors. ...

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