Choosing the Right Floor for Your Facility

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Many factors play a role in selecting the best resinous flooring system for your facility. It's important to understand the difference between a coating and full resinous flooring system when making your decision. Our blog post offers helpful information to get you started with the process. ...

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3 Reasons To Select Chemical Resistant Floors, Walls and Linings

Epoxy, Industrial Flooring, Chemical

The chemical processing industry is characterized by a number of operations from basic petroleum refining to the production of high grade chemicals. Plant assets are exposed to chemical and corrosive attack, and reliability, safety, compliance and efficiency are key priorities. ...

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Common Cannabis Production Facility Challenges

Epoxy, Commercial Flooring, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology

Cannabis production facilities are demanding environments that require unique protection and repair solutions. What are some of the red flags you should be looking for when examining your facility? ...

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Keep your Educational Facility Safe and Sanitary This School Year

Epoxy, Urethane, Commercial Flooring, Education

Most people know that proper hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of all types of germs and viruses. Educational facilities, due to the sheer number of people interacting in public spaces, are especially prone to the risks associated with the proliferation of germs. Something as simple as the floor selected in a school can make a huge impact on maintaining a safe, clean and sanitary environment. ...

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Epoxy, Urethane, Commercial Flooring, Industrial Flooring

Whether it's strength, price, speed of installation or chemical resistance, polymer grouts are stronger than cementitious grouts. Read more to find out why. ...

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