Recreation Complex Solutions

Think of a recreation complex. Now consider the different areas, variety of uses and unique spaces that make up this type of facility.  These complexes can include: ice rinks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, fitness facilities, washrooms, locker rooms, meeting spaces, office, restaurants, food courts and more.

Known for their high foot and wheeled traffic, any flooring system installed within a recreational facility should withstand this type of abuse while maintaining a pleasing appearance and offer ease of maintenance.  Stonhard has the right type of flooring solution for every environment and can meet any performance and design challenge.

Entrances, hallways and concourses should be bright and inviting but also safe, durable and easy to maintain.

Washrooms and locker rooms require slip resistance and ease of maintenance while promoting a clean and sanitary environment.  Stonhard floors are seamless, and seamless simply means cleaner with no cracks and joints to trap bacteria and mold.

It is essential that pool decks provide optimum slip resistance while still being comfortable under bare feet.  Chemical resistance and easy cleanability are also important factors to consider.

Viewing areas can have a range of performance and aesthetic requirements, simply depending on location.

Recreation complexes have unique flooring needs.  Stonhard has the right system for every area within your facility.  To get a free quote for your recreation complex flooring needs, please contact us!